Terms and Conditions for GAIS Plus

Legal Notice – Terms and Conditions for Responding Companies

These Terms and Conditions regulate services in the GAIS Plus subscription, including use, composition and contents. Together with the contract concluded between GAIS and the customer, as well as the general conditions for the use of GAIS, they regulate the relationship between GAIS and the customer. 

The General Terms and Conditions for the use of GAIS can be found here.

Contents of subscription


The GAIS Plus subscription gives access to written support from GAIS on the following conditions:

  • Requests for support are to be made in writing via the GAIS support system in Zendesk 
  • Support covers administrators of the GAIS Plus subscriber’s company profile
  • Written support requests will be responded to within 24 hours on weekdays. GAIS makes reservations for holidays and peak periods. 
  • Support will be given in relation to:
    • use of the GAIS platform 
    • technical errors on existing functionality on the platform 
    • advanced technical support in connection with, for example, combining surveys, errors, restore, backup etc. 
  • A GAIS Plus company has access to up to 15 hours of support per year. Technical errors will not consume these hours.

Welcome package

Welcome package that gives an overview of the many different services included in the subscription, introductory videos, guides and information about upcoming events.

One-to-one sparring

We would like you to be successful with your job satisfaction activities. And therefore, we offer sparring with a GAIS specialist. The sparring will ensure that, year by year, you will design a job satisfaction set-up, which matches the organisation’s current situation and needs with the opportunities offered by the GAIS platform.

It is possible to receive up to 5 hours of sparring per year with a GAIS specialist by telephone or video. Sparring can be spread across several individual sessions, where we may, for example, follow up on questions related to the GAIS platform, discuss new initiatives and assess your current situation.

During the first year, the one-to-one sparring consists of a separate Get started package.  

Training of job satisfaction consultant

Possibility of training one job enthusiast consultant every year. The training programme consists of six course days and gives you 5 ECTS points. The training programme provides the background for the use of GAIS as well as knowledge about culture in organisations, balance and stress prevention, meaning and motivation, change management etc. Standard price: 8,900 Danish kroner per participant. 

The job enthusiast consultant training programme is offered by Krifa in collaboration with Dania.

Best Practice for the job satisfaction process

Access to a help universe offering best practice, concrete guides, videos and tools, which will help you complete all the vital steps leading to a successful roll-out of GAIS surveys in the organisation.

Network, know-how and events

Access to network, inspiration for the job satisfaction activities and knowledge about state-of-the-art research regarding job enthusiasm via webinars and access to events. User charges may apply in relation to events.

Newsletters offering news about GAIS, the platform and inspiration to job satisfaction activities

Extra functions on the platform

Access to more functionality on the GAIS platform. This covers, among other things, the possibility to: 

  • Make kiosk surveys with participants without individual email addresses;
  • tailor your own learning programmes in continuation of the GAIS survey;
  • brand the GAIS survey with your own logo and download all free text comments in a CSV file

New, exclusive functions are added continuously and communicated by email to Plus subscribers. Any unique requests for the development of new functionality on the GAIS platform will be handled and settled separately from this agreement.

Possibility for subsequent purchases

Workshop for managers

Workshop in which the GAIS specialist will introduce GAIS as a job satisfaction tool to e.g. the executive committee, management team or middle managers. The workshop covers elements such as:

  • From job satisfaction project to job satisfaction culture
  • Introduction to GAIS – the general idea
  • Demonstration of the platform
  • Facilitating the dialogue about roles and responsibilities in the job satisfaction activities 

Price: Virtual workshop, 2 hours: 2,995 Danish kroner. Allow for a higher price if physical workshops are requested. This will be negotiated individually.

Training package for new administrators

If the company changes administrators on the GAIS platform, a training package may be purchased for the new administrator. Contents: 

  • Introduction to GAIS
  • Contract review, describing the services included in the subscription
  • Relevant elements from the Get started package. Specific contents to be decided in collaboration with the customer. 

Price: Up to 4 hours of training via GAIS specialist: 4.995 Danish kroner. The 5 hours of sparring, which are available to the customer every year, may be converted to the training package for new administrators. 

Training of job satisfaction consultant

The training programme consists of six course days and gives you 5 ECTS points. The training programme provides the background for the use of GAIS as well as knowledge about culture in organisations, balance and stress prevention, meaning and motivation, change management etc. Standard price: 8,900 Danish kroner per participant.

Price: 6 course days incl. examination: 4,450 Danish kroner per participant.
(Standard price: 8,900 Danish kroner per participant).

The Course ‘Leadership with job satisfaction and meaning’
A practical course for leaders who want to succeed. The Course is based on
exercises and 4 essential dimensions of leadership.

Price: 5 course days and networking: 6.500 Danish kroner per participant.

(Standard price: 12,995 Danish kroner per participant)


GAIS strives for the highest possible operational stability, but assumes no responsibility for system crashes or interruptions caused by factors that lie outside of GAIS’ control. This includes, among other things, power failure, faulty equipment, internet connections, telecommunication etc. Reference is made to GAIS’ General Terms and Conditions, which must be accepted when creating users on GAIS.


GAIS may continuously make changes to the composition of services with a view to ensuring the best possible product. If a change means that the customer forfeits the right to one or more services, the customer must be informed about the change no later than 30 days before the change comes into force. If a change means that the customer forfeits the right to significant services in the product, the subscription may be cancelled without undue delay, however, no later than 14 days before the changes come into force. The customer will subsequently receive a refund for the remaining subscription period.